Orlando – We come Home (Handpan/Spacedrum Session)


Dear Friends & Family

Some days ago I had a magic journey with some friends of mine where we listened to a beatiful live mix from “Mose & Suyana”.
The melody of the first track “Shante Ishta” is stuck in my head ever since.
I looove it so much, i can’t even describe it how deep it goes inside of me.

Here is the YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/t8x71nWwIEA

So I decided to get my lovely Spacedrum Evolution and play some Notes that sound similar to the melody. I’m honestly not very good at reading notes or even catch them through listening to music. I just enjoy playing around and play what sounds nice. It also is the first try to sing while playing Handpan which felt a bit uncomfortable, but I hope you will get through it 😁

I also uploaded it on YouTube: https://youtu.be/yKAgEI74y-E

Love You!
Magical, wonderful human beings playing around on this beautiful planet with all those amazing feelings and perceptions.
Let’s rock this planet!
Let’s life this live together in love and compassion, let’s take what it takes to give what we were given.

Blessings, Love and so much Joy to all of You 🙏✨❤


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Handpan Cover of a beautiful Melody "Shante Ishta" from Mose & Suyana by Orlando
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Julia Giulina

Handpan, wonderful <3

Last edited 18 days ago by Julia Giulina
Julia Giulina

Die Melodie ist sehr schön  😊 

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