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Ilumina Circle is a network of visionaries and lateral thinkers.

With our online portal Ilumina Circle Online – ICO for short, we want to create a space where people can live their callings and their visions and share them with the world.

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ICO - a virtual village

The heart of our platform is the circle. Here you can get to know people, connect with them and exchange ideas. You can create groups and get together with like-minded people. Create your profile now and become part of the circle.

The piazza is the center of our village. Here you will find different places that you can participate in.

The Forum:

Here you can express your opinions, tell other Circlers about your projects and visions or just provide discussions at the ICO.

The Academy:

Here you can impart your knowledge and further educate yourself through other Circlers

There’s a lot going on at the bazaar. Here you can…

present, distribute and purchase


create, purchase and sell tickets for your